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Roofing Repair

Have you ever wished you took care of something before it became a serious problem? Unfortunately, this is a common phenomenon when it comes to making roof repairs.  Making repairs to a roof before it becomes a serious problem may be closer to your budget preferences than you think.  Our up-front pricing and 100% satisfaction guarantee are just some of the reasons we have been serving the Charleston, Huntington, and Teays Valley, WV communities for over 60 years.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction for your roofing repair or its FREE.

Here are some common things that can cause roofing problems, which may lead to interior damage of a home or a building:

  • Problems with Shingles including loose, broken, or missing ones
  • Heavy moss build up traps moisture which can lead to wood rot
  • Cracks in the boot of the Vent Pipe which allows water to seep in
  • Weather damage
  • Clogged downspouts and gutters create an opportunity for leaky roofs
  • Flashing that was not installed properly or has degraded over time may allow water to pass around it or through cracks
  • Skylight cracks and poor installation

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