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Plumbing Repair & Replacement Services

At Al Marino Inc. you can expect a fully trained plumber to arrive in hours to provide FAST friendly service. Our technicians serve the Charleston, Huntington, Teays Valley, and the Beckley WV communities daily. We offer senior and veteran discounts, and provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee—or we do it over for free!


100% satisfaction guarantee...

or we do it over for free!

High-Pressure Water Jetting 

High-Pressure Water Jetting is an economical and environmentally safe way to clean drain and sewer pipes using a high-pressure water hose. Usually the toughest of clogs can’t hold up against this high-pressure spray. Make your appointment with our plumber today by calling (304) 553-0277.

 Video Drain Inspection

If you think there might be a leak somewhere in the piping system of your home, get the inside scoop with our Video Drain Inspection. We use a special camera to snake down your drain into the pipes to find the defect or problem then our experienced plumber will be able to fix anything that might be found. Know what is going on with video proof!

Dig Safely With Pipe Locating Equipment

Our pipe locating equipment in most cases will be able to find underground utilities quickly and easily. With pipe location, our plumber can find problems quicker as well as avoid harming piping or any other important utilities during construction. Know before you dig!

Underground Water Leak Detection

Our underground water leak detection service can locate most plumbing leaks below the surface in a timely fashion. Stop losing flow from incoming or outgoing water. Our plumber can detect where the problem is and fix it effectively.

Backflow Testing

An Al Marino Inc Plumber is certified as backflow assembly testers. Testing the assembly is important for health reasons as backflow can cause contamination in your water supply. Our certified plumber can help test your water to make sure no contamination is happening.

Water Heater Repaired or Replaced

When you need to repair or replace your water heater, we can have your home running again with hot water quickly and efficiently. Be sure you have enough hot water to go around. Our plumbers are also educated to repair or replace tankless water heaters to take care of all your water heating problems.

Sump Pump Installation

If your basement has a sump pump, plumbers from Al Marino Inc. can help fix or maintain problems that may arise. Help keep mold from forming. Sump pumps help eliminate standing water than can happen with storms or melting snow or ice to make sure your basement or garage stays dry.

Emergency Services

Your fast, friendly residential and commercial contractor, Al Marino Inc., is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our technicians are fully trained in all aspects of our business, are experts with safe worksite practices, and we are licensed and insured. When there is an emergency repair at home or work, ‘Call the Al!’


Roof Cutting Service

Do you have clogged sewers or slow running drains? Call today and ask about our root cutting service. Our trained technicians can fix your root problem and have things flowing correctly again.

Toilet Repair

Having trouble with your toilet? Call our plumbing team today. We repair or replace your currently toilet so you enjoying a fully functioning toilet. If it's an emergency, we have 24hour emergency service to take care of you.


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